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Teach Kids to Think, Discuss, and Build Character with 3 Easy Sentences

 by: Jean Tracy. MSS

Whatís next? Teach your child 3 easy sentences to tell him/herself in difficult times. You'll be more effective if you use these sentences out loud before, during, and after diffficult times in your own life. Make sure your child hears these sentences often:

3 Easy Sentences:
1.Things arenít terrible or awful.
2.This is just inconvenient.
3.Things donít have to go my way.

Think about it. Awfuls and terribles donít really exist. Things are the way they are. The trouble starts when we use awful and terrible to describe the difficult events in our lives. This is extreme thinking and it is negative.

Teach your child that difficulties are just inconvenient. Inconveniences are not terrible and awful.

Finally, things donít have to go their way. Teach your child to accept the reality that he/she is not the King or Queen of the universe. If they were they could make things go their way. Theyíd have the power. Accepting that things do not have to go their way frees them from hiding inside the invisible box. Being free helps them face the challenges in their lives with a positive attitude.

Take the time to discuss your childís thoughts and feelings. Teach your child to use the 3 easy sentences with their 3 simple and deep meanings. Youíll be helping your child step outside the invisible box. Youíll be parenting well. Youíll be building character too.

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Jean Tracy, MSS, Edmonds, WA, USA

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